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Baja California Desert Cactus Pictures!

Cactus Pictures, Desert Pictures from Loreto, Baja California!

The stark beauty of the desert comes alive in these photos taken on

the extinct volcanic island of Coronado in the Sea Of Cortez, just off 

the coast of Baja at Loreto.


Clouds Radiate from Palo Blanco Tree (84891 bytes)

Palo Blanco Tree

Cardon Cactus Overlooks Tropical Bay (70829 bytes)
        Cactus Grows Through Lava  Rock (69428 bytes)        Palo Blanco Tree Observes Tropical Bay (81112 bytes)

Cardon Cloud Bay

Lava Rock Cactus

Palo Blanco Bay


Tropical Beach (55777 bytes)        Tropical Blue Water Highlights Mainland Baja Hills (49364 bytes)        Tropical Beach Below Volcanic Peak (53016 bytes)

Isla Coronado Beach

Mainland Hills

Coronado Peak


Cardon Cactus and Tropical Bay (66241 bytes)        Black Lava Lines Tropical Beach (76411 bytes)        Cactus Grows From Lava Rock Over Tropcial Bay (75484 bytes)

Cardon Bay

Black Lava Peak

Cactus Bay


Baja Palm Trees At Sunset (74936 bytes)        Baja Palm Trees Watch The Sunset (60810 bytes)

Baja Palms

Palm Sunset 2


Isla Coronado and Earth's Shadow at Sunset (37270 bytes)

Earth's Shadow & Isla Coronado

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