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Southern Baja Sunset Pictures!

Sunset Pictures from Baja California!

The serenity of Sunset in the Desert as captured from various 

locations on the Baja peninsula between La Paz and Los Cabos.


Sunset Hills (53929 bytes)

Sunset Hills



Sunset At ArroyoTule (36974 bytes)            View Of Day's End (36310 bytes)

Sunset At Arroyo Tule

View Of Day's End



Yucca Tree At Sunset (51665 bytes)

Yucca Tree Sunset



Thorny Bush At Sunset (41823 bytes)            Cactus At Sunset (32738 bytes)

Thorny Sunset

Cactus Sunset



La Paz Sunset (40435 bytes)            Sundown Hills (32834 bytes)            Flight At Sunset (38405 bytes)

La Paz Sunset

Sundown Hills

Flight At Sunset



Cardon Cactus At Sunset (29911 bytes)

Cardon Cactus Sunset


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