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Pictures of Spring Leaves and Douglas Fir Cones!

Take a walk in the woods!

Photo Gallery of Close-Up Pictures taken in the woods around
Prince George, British Columbia.


Rose Blooms by Trail in Early Summer (82515 bytes)

Wild Rose Trail


Douglas Fir Cone (72936 bytes)        Young Leaves in Spring (61684 bytes)        Douglas Fir Cone After a Winter Snow Storm (75718 bytes)

Fir Cone

Spring Leaves

Fir Snow Cone


Wild Rose Leaves Glow Orange in Fall (52355 bytes)        New Growth Springs From Recent Ashes (104498 bytes)        Foxtails in Late Summer (56674 bytes)

Wild Rose Leaves

From The Ashes





One of Nature's Optical Illusions

To me, the pattern in the wood grain image on the left seems to be
raised as ridges. Whereas the one on the right appears to be sunken
or grooved. They are the same picture, one is just inverted. This is not
 always the case and varies with the light in the room and how my visual
 system is working on a given day. But 90% of the time that is what I see.

 How does it appear to you?

Insects Carve Pathways in a Fallen Pine (108674 bytes)        Question Mark Carved by Insects (110687 bytes)        Insects Burrow in Pine (109684 bytes)

Wood Grain Up

Wood Question

Wood Grain Down


Clouds and Path Converge (71982 bytes)

Path To The Clouds

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