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Pictures of Trees and Sunsets!

Trees For All Seasons! Autumn Scenes! Winter Pictures!

Autumn Colors and Winter Storms highlight the trees of Prince George,
British Columbia, Canada.


Aspens Circle Overhead in this Fall Picture (100053 bytes)

Aspens Overhead


Snow Clings To Birch Trees After Winter Storm (78974 bytes)        Birch Trees in Winter (85600 bytes)        Aspen Trees in Autumn (92775 bytes)

Winter Birch 1

Winter Birch 2



Dead Pine Tree Turns Brilliant Orange (87096 bytes)        Cottonwood Tree (80421 bytes)        Dead Pine After Winter Snow Storm (90999 bytes)

Dead Pine


Dead Pine In Winter


Brilliant Cloud Color at Sunset (59009 bytes)        Sky Turns Violet at Sunset (53737 bytes)

Sunset 1

Sunset 2


Intense Sky Colors at Sunset (49074 bytes)

Sunset 3

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