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Pictures of Wild Flowers.

Pictures of Wild Flowers!

During the summer,  Wild Flowers are abundant where the forest gives way to meadows around Prince George, British Columbia!


Canada Goldenrod in Late Summer (97489 bytes)

Canada Goldenrod


Paintbrushes Against Clouds in July (73150 bytes)        Red Paintbrush (65326 bytes)        Red Paint Brush and Seeding Dandelions (77725 bytes)

Paintbrush Clouds


Paintbrush Dandelion


Daisy Flower Macro Picture (43174 bytes)        Close-up of Daisy (46613 bytes)        Macro Picture of Daisy (45656 bytes)

Daisy Macro 1


Daisy Macro 2


Orange Hawkweed Close-up (61586 bytes)        Red Clover Close-up (57252 bytes)

Orange Hawkweed


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