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Fall Colors in Prince George, British Columbia!

Autumn Colors of British Columbia!

The Brilliance of Fall Colors dominate these images of Aspen and Birch Trees taken around Prince George, B. C., Canada.


Birch Trees Tower Over Quaking Aspens.

Birch Trees Over Aspen


Hiking Trail Leads Past Brilliant Yellow Aspen Leaves In Autumn.            Aspen Trees Rocket Towards the Fall Sky.            Trail Framed By Quaking AspenTrees.

Aspen Trail

Aspen Reach The Sky

Framed Aspen


Deep Blue Sky Complements The Intense Yellow Of Aspen Leaves In Fall.                        Quaking Aspen Trees Line Country Road in Fall.

Aspen Sky

Aspen Road


Sunlight Highlights Veins Of Douglas Maple Leaf.                                                        Thimbleberry Leaf Glows Vivid Orange in Late Autumn.

Douglas Maple Leaf

Thimbleberry Leaf

Surrounded By Quaking Aspen Trees in Prince George, British Columbia.

Quaking Aspen Circle

Fall Colors of Red Osier Dogwood Leaf.                                                         Sun Backlit Dogwood Leaf in Fall.

Red Osier Dogwood Leaf

 Dogwood Leaf


Quaking Aspen Trees Define the Shadows of a  Fall Afternoon.                                Sun Sets Behind Birch Trees on Autumn Afternoon.

Aspen Shadows

Birch Sunset


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